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The Joy of Service

Industry requires an excellent foundation. Industry requires innovative ideas. And... industry requires expert knowledge and skills. Dynamic, accessible, comprehensive – as a one-stop-agency, we are a skilled partner and support network for your ideas and objectives.

Man­aging in­dustry and busi­ness parks

Cuxhaven is moving up in the world – and not just in the offshore sector. The area between the North Sea, the Elbe and the Weser offers excellent opportunities and prime conditions for anyone looking to set up a business. Discover the exciting possibilities.


Supporting business is our speciality. We support entrepreneurs and new businesses looking to set up or expand in the city and district of Cuxhaven. Do you have questions, concerns, requests? Feel free to contact us.

Busi­ness start-up guid­ance

A good idea is a good start. But then what? And what do I need to know? If you are considering becoming self-employed, we can provide you with expert support and provide answers to your questions. Free of charge.

In­nov­a­tion and Tech­no­logy Trans­fer

Our commitment: Making current knowledge and the latest technology available to companies so that they can compete in the context of rapidly changing, global markets.

Co­ordin­at­ing the broad­band ex­pan­sion

The German government is in the process of creating a gigabyte network across the whole of the country. Absolutely everywhere. This is being funded by national and state government but municipalities and districts are also making significant contributions.

Site mar­ket­ing

To make the right moves, you need to be there. We are raising the profile of Cuxhaven as a region of industry among investors and growing businesses at a cross-regional, national and international level.


Tourism is a central pillar of the region's economy. The tourist development of the region is supported by the AfW through a number of projects.

Sup­port for sourcing skilled per­son­nel

Skilled personnel is also a central topic in the district of Cuxhaven. As part of the Elbe-Weser skilled workers union, we work with structural projects for sustainable solution in the areas of demographics, the job market, training and professional opportunities.


The network project undertaken by the Agency for Economic development covers all important sectors of North German industry. It represents the interests of businesses, associations and organisations in our region. Please direct any queries or comments to the relevant points of contact.

Co­ordin­at­ing Au­thor­ity for Wo­men in In­dustry

Professional funding, training and support for starting a business, etc. are the central aims of the Coordinating Authority for Women in Industry. There a numerous areas of responsibility, one of the overarching objectives is finding a work-life balance i.e. returning to work following pregnancy/maternity leave.

Dis­trict of Cux­haven Cor­por­ate Net­work

If you hope to be successful as an entrepreneur or freelancer, you need be able to offer something different. On the other hand, anyone in this position will face the same challenges as everyone else. This is made easier by being a member of a network.