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Support for sourcing skilled personnel

Skilled personnel is also a central topic in the district of Cuxhaven. As part of the Elbe-Weser skilled workers union, we work with structural projects for sustainable solution in the areas of demographics, the job market, training and professional opportunities.

We act together

We work together with many other partners (the employment agency, job centre, various other authorities, etc.) in our region to secure the services of skilled workers both now and into the future. Our activities encompass an extensive range of different initiatives.


The AfW is a committed member and/or promoter of various unions and networks, such as the Elbe-Weser specialist workers union (Fachkräftebündnis Elbe-Weser) or Netzwerk Schule, Wirtschaft, Wissenschaft e.V., and organises the annual Day of Logistics (Tag der Logistik) for the Cuxhaven region.


We also set up and run trial days for interface between schools and employers, as well as workshops and planning games for career guidance. Our aim is to give our pupils an insight into the various work environments and local companies and to demonstrate the variety of opportunities available to them in modern sectors of industry, in particular in the core industries of the Cuxhaven region.

These events also include advice and information services for companies. The focus here is, for example, on representing businesses as attractive employers and places to acquire knowledge and skills, on providing training for immigrants, sustainable provision and long-term engagement of skilled workers or business initiatives for healthcare and pension schemes. If you have any questions or require further information, please get in touch. We would be glad to help.

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Dr. rer. nat. Christian Rogge

Support for sourcing skilled personnel

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Antje Streng

Project administration

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Alliances, networks & initiatives

The agency of economic development is a committed member and/or organiser in various alliances and networks such as the Elbe-Weser Alliance of Experts or the network „Schule, Wirtschaft, Wissenschaft e.V.“ and organises the annual Logistics Day in the Cuxhaven region.


Experts initiative of Lower Saxony

„Logistics Day“

Network „Schule, Wirtschaft, Wissenschaft e.V.“