Turbo-internet for everyone?

Coordinating the broadband expansion

The German government is in the process of creating a gigabyte network across the whole of the country. Absolutely everywhere. This is being funded by national and state government but municipalities and districts are also making significant contributions.

Bridging the information gap

High-performance broadband networks are a fundamental part of digital business and production processes but also considered a necessity in many other domains. The creation of giga-networks is therefore considered one of the most pressing infrastructure improvements of the present day.


The broadband expansion in the district of Cuxhaven has been making steady progress for many years now. Meanwhile, however, the demands on communications networks and services are also increasing.

If you have questions regarding the current or future progress of the expansion in your business location, or to find out how to gain access to greater bandwidths, feel free to contact us. We’ll be glad to help you.

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Coordinating the broadband expansion, Innovation and technology transfer

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