Being there is everything

District of Cuxhaven Corporate Network

If you hope to be successful as an entrepreneur or freelancer, you need be able to offer something different. On the other hand, anyone in this position will face the same challenges as everyone else. This is made easier by being a member of a network.

Stronger together

The Unternehmensverbund im Landkreis Cuxhaven e.V. is a cross-discipline network for businesses and freelances in the Elbe-Weser-triangle. Anyone interested in being a member and participating in a dynamic community is welcome to join.


It's the taking part that counts! Not least because the opportunity for a lively exchange of ideas and experiences with other companies often leads to quick and effective solutions. As part of a network, it is simply a great deal easier to overcome the various challenges posed in these times of rapid social and digital change.


Starting your own business, opportunities for funding, social media and business platforms, recruiting, work-life balance, family and work life, social engagement – the range of topics covered at our events is vast and directly applicable. Members of the corporate network can make crucial discoveries through these exchanges which very often give them the edge when it comes to doing business.


The Cuxhaven Coordinating Authority for Women in Industry acts as a branch of the corporate network and is also responsible for organising a range of interesting training opportunities.

008 DSCF6516 Neuber

Dipl.-Ök. Nicole Neuber

Director Coordinating Authority for Women in Industry District of Cuxhaven

Tel.: +49 (0) 4721 / 599-625

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009 DSCF6541 Wusten

Gabriele Wüsten

Assistance, project administration

Tel.: +49 (0) 4721 / 599-627

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010 DSCF6553 von Bargen

Deborah von Bargen

Assistance, project administration

Tel.: +49 (0) 4721 / 599-619

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Business association in the Elbe-Weser-Triangle

An effective solution can always be found in a network. The motto is to be strong together in times of digital upheaval.

Business association