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To make the right moves, you need to be there. We are raising the profile of Cuxhaven as a region of industry among investors and growing businesses at a cross-regional, national and international level.

Making Cuxhaven visible

The variety of benefits from the position of the business region is as vast as the diversity to be found along the coast and throughout the district of Cuxhaven. We are in charge of the interregional promotion of our region – in particular in terms of our leading and growing industry sectors. We are achieving this through collaboration with large cities such as Hamburg and Bremen or with other business centres with greater influence.


We provide a broad spectrum of advice and services regarding location development and the creation of companies. We are happy to provide you with relevant contacts and oversee the development and the sale of industrial and business spaces on behalf of municipalities.


Successful site marketing requires presence, communication and activities across a range of media platforms. The Agency for Economic Development has carried out a great number of marketing campaigns over the last few years with positive results. Our press work and advertising using classical media channels has always succeeded in bringing Cuxhaven into the public eye – the fundamental aim of brand advertising and PR. Film productions, etc. on the fishing, offshore and retail industries, as well as an image film about the city of Cuxhaven were used as a form of promotional material. Alongside the wide range of campaigns, we were able to use targeted initiatives to place a strong emphasis on the world of business and industry with a focus on tenders and competitions, the trade fair sector and event marketing.

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Hilke von der Reith, M.A.

Site marketing

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Assistance City of Cuxhaven, project administration

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